Prompt: Write About A Scar

Discussion questions: Write about a scar. Internal or external, real or fictitious, literal or figurative.


Some of us have scars we’re reminded of constantly. I have four of them on my face, in the shape of a cross: forehead, chin; just off the left eye, just off the right eye. All separate incidents. One of them will catch my eye most of the time I look in a mirror.

Some of us have scars we’re rarely conscious of. Some are external; some are not.

Sometimes while I’m typing I’ll glance down at my right wrist and watch how its scar moves as my fingers confidently pound awkwardly search for the keys.

This happened a few days ago, and I paused for a moment to reminisce about how I got that one. It was September 9, 1992, the night Robin Yount got his 3,000th hit at Milwaukee County Stadium. I was fourteen. I don’t remember the hit, but I do remember being in a biohazard of a men’s room, wiping blood off my wrist and feces off the back of an old man.

Which reminded me: We can’t choose what we remember.

I wrote down those words, and then kept writing. A few hours later, I had a chaotic 5,000-word… something.

It’ll probably stay in the archives forever, but whatever the hell it was, at least I got it out.


Your task this week is to write about a scar.

Interpret it however you’d like: external scar; internal scar. Your own or someone else’s. An imagined or totally fictitious scar. A figurative scar, maybe on your hometown, maybe your home state, your home country.

Whatever it is, write. Take it in whatever direction you’d like, whereever your brain thinks it should go.

And then copy/paste it below!


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